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Early in the year 2014, after my bachelor degree i decided to found my own vfx studio. Together with 3 friends (Aivo, Bernhard, Thomas) we founded the RoyalPenguins GbR.


“RoyalPenguins ‐ We are Aivo, Bernhard, Mathias and Thomas.

We are a young and ambitious new VFX studio in Berlin. After studying Digital Film Design at Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin, we graduated with a Bachelors degree in March 2014.

During our studies, we worked on many projects together and liked how each of us was good at doing different parts of the job. We later figured that every one of us filled an important position in the process of creating visual effects. That was the point when we decided to found our own VFX studio.

By that time we had already been working as interns in bigger companies likePixomondo, Rise, CGI Studio, Dan Pearlman and Chris Creatures.

There we had the opportunity to work on large scale Hollywood productions, international tv productions and commercials, low-budget indie movies, industrial visualization, and product design.

While leaving our mark on all those projects, we connected with a multitude of skilled artists from all over the world and carved out the outlines of our potential customers and services.

Now we are able to cover a large part of every job related to virtual effects in small to medium VFX productions, tv spots, and general visualization of realistic and fantastic designs.”

Our office is based at the frankfurter allee in berlin. Right in the middle of berlin.

We already did one indiependence movie for 87kmh whats called TimeTitans. In this one we did over 50 VFX Shots in 3 months.
Here are some breakdowns we already released.

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